Teach your students theory & practical at the same time using Milestone's training net. Whenever faculty (Master/Instructor) is teaching from his computer, students sitting on other PC's can view on their local monitors what instructor is teaching just by selecting a switch position on the unit called "Training Net Link Controller", which is located near to faculty. When the lesson is finished, instructor changes the switch on the controller, so that students can view their own PC data on the monitors. Using training net controller the master/instructor, can change the display or blank the display. In this case students need not bother to select the switch. In 2nd option instead of Training Net Link use VGA Link whereby the control for viewing will be at the students end. Hence no need to gather students for online teaching or no need of expensive overhead projectors & LCD panels.
Note : Optional Training net can be provided with Audio interface also.
Various models available to suit the various combination. i.e. for 
ML 105 TN (1 faculty & 5 students) | ML 108 TN | ML 110 TN | ML 108 Audio |ML 110 TN |
ML 112 TN | ML 115 TN
Give personalized training to each students. Control student participation more effectively.
Give students their own display & eliminate the
need to have them Crowded around one monitor..
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