Data Switch
Milestone's "Data Switch" is a sophisticated printer sharer used in a modern office where many computers share printer to save office space & investment on printers or plotters. Instead of changing cables or printer for applications, Milestone's automatic printer/plotter sharing Switches are designed for this requirement, specialty being up to 8 computers and 2 printers in Auto Cum Manual mode.
Centronics / Bitronics (Used with printers, plotters & hardware lock)
Serial (RS232C) (Used with serial printer / plotters, modems & any serial device)
Available for 2 input 1 output to 8 input 1 output, 1 input 2 output to 8 input 2 output and 4 input to 4 output in manual or auto cum manual mode.
Works with all utilities, packages (like CAD/CAM, Windows) & operating systems.
Can drive up to 15 meters of distance for parallel interface on either side. Useful for sharing DMPs, Line Printers, Laser Printers, Telex, Electronic Typewrites, Plotters, Digitizers, Mouse, Modem, DeskJet printer, Scanner, Zip driver& Other parallel & Serial devices.
Rs232C interface.
Power or powerless unit.
Very Sleek & attractive design.
Front Panel LED indication for all models.
Very reliable front panel thumb-wheel push type Switches for models
4 * 1 to 8 * 2.
USB Data Switch
Milestone's "USB Data Switch" is used to connect computers and / or peripherals having USB interface. These units are for many computers (i.e. 2 or 4) having USB port to one USB device which can be camera, plotter, printer, projector, storage device etc.
Models Available:
ML 201 USB - Connects two PC USB inputs to 1 USB output.
ML 401 USB - Connects four PC USB inputs to 1 USB output.
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