Parallel / Serial (RS232C) / RS422 / RS485
Protect your parallel / RS232C / RS422C / RS485 data lines from unexpected surges and ground spikes.
Transient over voltages can be caused by lightning, coupling from power line surges and induction from nearby loads such as motors or factory equipments. Data lines that runs near power, control or telephone cables are subject to short duration pulses of which could reach several thousand volts. The DB25 surge protector intercepts the transient surges that attack your parallel or serial printer or PC port through the interface cable. The method of surge protection used here adds four benefits to your system.
High surge capability:
The DB25 surge protector dissipates up to 600 watts in one milliseconds.
Quick response:
The protector has response time that is almost instantaneous at one picosecondS. Transient surge are clamped at 6.8 V or 18 V for parallel or serial respectively.
Low impedance:
Once connected to the parallel / serial port, it takes minimum load to your system - about the same as a gender changer.
Open failure:
Unlike some other surge suppressor, this protector falls "open" should your system experience an extreme transient or severe current overload. Therefore if the unit fails, data & surges are shunted to ground instead of back into your equipment
Models Available:
Model SP2S1 for serial RS 232. (2-wire Tx, Rx.) Model SP2S4 for serial RS422 / RS485. (4 wire i.e. +Tx, --Tx, +Rx, -Rx.)
Model SP2S2 for serial RS232. (4 wire Tx, Rx, DTR, DSR.) MLSP-2S for parallel port. (Centronics / Bitronics)
Model SP2S3 for serial RS232. (7 wire Tx, Rx, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, CD) Size: 60mm x 70mm x 12mm (Dongle Type)
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