:: RS232-RS485 / 422 Converter ::
Milestone's "RS232C to RS485/RS422 Converter" are designed for high speed data transmission between computer system and or peripherals over long distance under noisy conditions.

It provides opto isolation (2500 V) against erroneous glitches, spike suppression and short circuit protection on each transmission line. They provide dual line differential per signal.
Various models are available. All the models support upto a distance of 1.5 Kms. All models have LED indication for Tx, Rx and PWR line.
The Different Models available are
Table top type:
i) Model LD-15U:
This is a universal converter which supports RS485 as well as RS422, 2 wire or 4 wire, Auto or DSR (+ or -) control. This converter supports Tx, Rx, DSR line.

Switch setting is provided for 2 wire / 4 wire (differential) RS485 operation (i.e. half duplex or full duplex mode).

Also switch setting for Auto, DSR +, DSR - control provided (for output enable on RS485 side) It supports 32 units in multidrop environment.

This unit has a built in opto isolator and surge protection for individual signal. (Normal unit works on 230V AC option available for 10 to 40V DC voltage).
ii) Model LD-15:
This is a converter, which supports only RS422 interface (full duplex) 4 wire on RS422 side and is with opto isolation, surge protection for individual signals.
Plug in type:
i) Model LD-15PL:
This is a plug in RS232 to RS485 converter, very small, compact without opto isolation but wit surge protection.

This unit is self powered using DSR or CTS signals. External 5V required if DSR or CTS not provided.

For selecting 2 wire or 4 wire on RS485 side 2 way selector switch is provided on the unit.
Din Rail Mounted type:
i) Model LD-15 PN:
Model LD-15 PN : This is an industry standard Din rail panel mounted RS232 to RS485/RS422 converter

Provision for 2 wire / 4 wire selection. The standard unit works on 230V AC (option 1OV DC-40V DC)
:: RS232C to RS485 Addressable Converter ::
It provides all the features of LD 15U (a table top model) The additional features are
8 bit Dip switch for selecting the required address of the unit.
(selection for 128 address)
Selector for working as standard RS232 to RS485 converter (without addressable)
LED indication for Tx, Rx, PWR and indication for unit selected.
Serial to Parallel Converter
It is a bidirectional converter useful to convert serial (RS232C) to parallel (centronics) or parallel (Centronics) to serial (RS232C) interface with selectable Baud rate (300-19.2 K) and direction.

It supports XON / XOFF and handshake (RTS, CTS) protocol. Front panel switch clears memory and initializes printer. Option for RS485 interface.
Baud rate selectable from 300-19.2 K
Front panel reset switch for initializing printer.
LED indication for S/P or P/S mode.
Serial Current Loop Converter
It is a bidirectional converter useful to convert RS232C to 4-20 MA current loop and vice versa. Uses Tx and Rx only (DTR, DSR optional). Supports all combination of current loop i.e.
Active Tx - Passive Rx Passive Tx - Active Rx 
Active Tx - Active Rx. Passive Tx - Passive Rx
It provides opto isolation against erroneous glitches, spike suppression, fuse protection & short circuit on each current loop O/P i.e. Tx and Rx (optionally DTR, DSR)
USB tO Serial Converter
Milestone's "USB to Serial Converter" is a powerless compact device which converts USB input from PC to serial output (RS232C).
USB tO RS485 Converter
Milestone's "USB to RS485 Converter" is a powerless compact device which converts USB input from PC to RS485 output (2 / 4 wire). Option available for isolated 485 output
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