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Milestone's "Component Video Splitter" is a unit whereby you can send your DVD/CD/VHS/Camera or any other composite Video output to as many as 2/4/8/12 TV, projector or any other equipment such as video capturing unit with ability for daisy chain for multiple outputs. This unit is ideal for your presentation to reach wide audience at a distance of 150 meter away and many other application. The above product comes with RCA or BNC connectors as per requirement of the customers.
Simultaneous TV/Projector/Plasma/Video Capturing unit display.
1 input of DVD/CD/VHS/Camera to 2/4/8/12 outputs.
Transmissions distance 150meters for individual outputs.
Gain Controlled output for optimal viewing.
Compact size for easy to carry.
Multimedia demo Public broadcasting and stock market information.
Long range transmission for easy access to distant viewers.
Auditorium presentation and conference.
Educational i.e. classroom instructions.
Presentation Show.
Other Critical Application.
Models Available:
ML102CV 1 Component Video Input & 2 Component Video Outputs.
ML104CV 1 Component Video Input & 4 Component Video Outputs.
ML108CV 1 Component Video Input & 8 Component Video Outputs.
ML112CV 1 Component Video Input & 12 Component Video Outputs.
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