VGA Switcher
VGA Switchers for Wide Audience presentation Training Institute Corporate Training Conference room.
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Multimedia Switcher
Multimedia Switchers for Training institute Corporate Training Multimedia Presentation.
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Video Switcher
Milestone's "Audio Video switcher" is a 4/8/16 inputs and one output switcher that switches multiple inputs of Audio and composite video source to Two Audio and composite Video system.
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AV Switcher
AV Switchers Audio Video Switchers for wide audience presentation Training institute Corporate Training Audio Visual presentation Multimedia Presentation.
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Audio Switcher
Milestone's Audio Switcher is a device where you can give more than one Stereo Audio Inputs and you can have as many as 2 / 4 / 8 / 12 /16 stereo audio (pre amplified) outputs.
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Component, Y/PB/PR, RGB Switcher
Milestone's "Component Video / Y, PB, PR Switcher" is a unit whereby multiple Component Video inputs like DVD/CD/VHS and others can be switched to one or two (simultaneous) Component Video outputs. Most of them are compatible to AMX, Crestron Controller.
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RGB HV Switcher
Milestone's "RGBHV Switcher" has all the features of VGA Switcher. It will have RCA or BNC connector as required by customer.
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S Video Switcher
Milestone's "S - Video Switcher" is a unit whereby multiple inputs of S - Video 2/4/8/16, can be switched on to one two (simultaneous) S-Video outputs. The Switcher are user configurable for manual or SCAN modes, which can be enables or disable via a rear panel 2 way switch.
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Presentation Switcher
Presentation Switcher for Multimedia broadcasting Long range transmission for distant viewers Auditorium presentation and conferences educational purposes.
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DVI Switcher
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HDMI Switcher
Milestone's "HDMI Switcher" lets you connect multiple HDMI inputs to receive more digital content with better picture quality on your TV or LCD's. The unique auto-adaptive equalizers enable the use of longer cables for TV or LCD's connection anywhere in the home. It provides commercial grade output with several control options for switching.
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What is Switcher?
Switcher is a unit whereby multiple inputs can be switched to one or more output which is required .All switchers can be controlled from local keypad on front panel of unit or remote keypad ( wired) or Mile- tone RF Remote device (Wireless) or from RS232C programmable port through universally available RS232C system controller. Each display can drive up to 100 meters
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