A unite whereby multiple VGA inputs along with their respective Audio can be switched to two / four simultaneous gain controlled VGA outputs along with Audio.
Simultaneous monitor display output if two monitors are connected at the output. Individual Gain controller for VGA & Audio Output.
Auto scanning mode or manual mode selection. Front panel keypad selection.
RS 232C Port on Back Panel. Contact closure remote control. (optional)
Cable through remote keypad. (optional)
each display can drive unto 100 meters.
Gain controlled output for optimal viewing.
Applications :
Long range transmission for easy access to distant viewers. Educational i.e. classroom instructions.
Multimedia demo Public broadcasting and stock market information. Auditorium presentation and conference.
Models Available:
ML 202 VGA Audio
ML 402 VGA Audio
ML 802 VGA Audio
ML 1602 VGA Audio
(ML stand for Milestone, 402 for 4 VGA inputs along with its AUDIO & 2 VGA out puts along with its Audio)
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