A unit whereby a single VGA or Video along with their respective Audio input can be multiplied / splitter to any number of gain controlled VGA or Video outputs along with its Audio. Each output is enable or disabled by local keypad on front panel of unit or remote Milestone keypad (wired) or Milestone RF Remote device (wireless) or from RS232C programmable port through universally available RS232C system controller.
Multiple video signal/ S-video & VGA inputs along
with Audio.
All outputs are amplified.
Source can be Controlled from Front panel. All outputs are gain controlled.
Wide area presentation Auditorium presentation & conferences
Audio visual studio Auditorium presentation & conferences
Technical Specifications:
Inputs: 1VGA 15 Pin RGB input + 1 Video RCA along with its audio.
Outputs: 2/4/8 VGA output along with audio & 2/4/8 Video output  along with its audio.
Video Bandwidth: 350 MHz
Audio Bandwidth: 20 KHz
VGA Bandwidth: 250 MHz
Control: Front panel touch pad/ RS- 232C System controller .s
 Power Source: 230 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, 5 Amp.
 Options: RF Remote/ Cables through remote keypad/ 19"- 1U Rack  mountable casing.
Models Available:
ML 104 PSP | ML 114 PSP| ML 108 PSP | ML 118 PSP
(ML stand for MILESTONE, 114 for VGA & 1 Video inputs along with its Audio and 4 separated VGA & Video outputs along with its Audio)
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