A unit whereby multiple VGA COMPOSITE VIDEO & SVIDEO inputs along with their respective AUDIO can be switched to individual respective outputs along with their AUDIO in normal mode or by pressing a Scale mode switch one can convert video & S-Video signals into VGA signal.
Easy to install, 100% Plug and Play Device. Scaled out put on VGA port.
Fully compatible to VGA, SVGA, SXGA & XGA. Standard inputs and outputs connections.
Fully Compatible to Composite Video and S-Video in puts & out puts. Standard RCA Female Jack for C-Video.
Individual front panel key pad. 4 Pin mini Din for S-Video.
RF Remote Controller. (optional) 3 Pin Captive Screw connector for Audio.
RS232C interface. Operating Distance through RF remote 30 Meter.
LED indication for working set or inputs. Inbuilt SMPS, 230 V AC, 5 Amp. mains input.
C-Video output 1/ VGA out 1/ S-Video out-1. Bandwidth : VGA 300MHz, Video 320 Mhz, S-Video 320 MHz.
Useful to convert Video / S-Video signals in to VGA. Useful for Home Theaters & Conference Rooms.
Useful for single switching solutions for any installation. Useful for Board Room solutions.
Useful for Rental Business.
Models Available:
Model Inputs Outputs Size Weight
  VGA in Video in S-video VGA Video S-video    
ML440 PSS 4 4 0 1 1 1 19" 2 U 3.5 Kg
ML422 PSS 4 4 4 1 1 1 19" 2 U 4.0 Kg
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