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Milestone's "RGB HV Splitter" is a unit whereby multiple CPU 2/4/8/16 VGA inputs can be switched to two or multiple (simultaneous) VGA outputs. The switchers are user configurable for manual or auto switching (scanning) modes. This auto switching can be enabled or disabled via a rear panel slide switch. Auto switching allows any input of the switcher to be selected automatically when the switcher detects a sync signal.
Simultaneous monitor display output if two monitors are connected at the output. 
Transmission distance 125 meters.
Inputs selected by: 
Individual local keypad. 
Individual Remote keypad. (optional) 
 Remote contact closure. 
RS232C interface.
RS422/RS485 interface. (optional) 
Active PCs selected or scanned in auto/scan mode.
Gain controlled output for optimal viewing. 
LED indication for working channel.
Each display can drive up to 100 meters.
Models Available:
ML 201 VGA (2 VGA inputs and 1 VGA output)
ML 202 VGA (2 VGA inputs and 2 VGA outputs)
ML 402 VGA (4 VGA inputs and 2 VGA outputs)
ML 802 VGA (8 VGA inputs and 2 VGA outputs)
ML 1602 VGA (16 VGA inputs and 2 VGA outputs)
ML 203 VGA (2 VGA inputs with respective 2 outputs and one common selectable output)
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