MT-AMP 06 (6 Zone Mixer Amplifier)
Features :
The mixer amplifier MT-AMP 06 powered by 240W impresses with 6 selectable and adjustable zones and is ready for challenging sound tasks. Up to 4 microphones (XLR) and an external line source (cinch) can be connected.
Besides the precise volume control you can also adjust the intensity of bass and treble for each input.
To connect the speakers you can choose between 25V, 70V, 100V and 8W outputs.
The operational readiness and the output level of the mixer amplifier is shown by a blue power-LED and a five-digit LED-VU meter.
The MIC1 input is equipped with a vox function, which mutes all other inputs when the connected microphone is in use.
The calling stations of the ME series have always the highest priority level.
Via internal jumpers phantom power (18V) can be added to the MIC inputs.
A 24V emergency power input will guarantee the operational readiness in extreme cases, too.
A 1-, 2-, or 3-tone chime is already integrated in this mixer amplifier and can be activated by an external contact.
Technical Specifications:
Technical Specifications MT-AMP 06
Power 240W
Frequency Range MIC1~MIC4: 60Hz~15KHz+3dB
Inputs MIC1~MIC4: 250W, 1mV, symmetric +
phantom power selectable (Jump1)
AUX: 200mV, 47KW unbalanced;
Tel: 0.1~1V, 600W, adjustable, balanced
Outputs Speaker Outputs: Music / Speech: 8ohm, 25V, 70V, 100V selectable;
Line Out: 600W, 1V;
Mon Output: 8W, 1Watt / 600W, 1V balanced. 
THD Less than 1% at 1KHz, rated power
Mains/Battery Voltage AC 115V/230V 50/60Hz +10% selectable
DC 24V (Max 10% deviation)
Power Consumption 760W, 16A
Dimensions 145 X 430 X 360mm
Weight 17.7 Kg.
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