Pre AMP-08 (The Flexible: 6 Channels)
Features :
The new PRE-AMP 08 Ωffers many options to connect microphones and line sources.
Well designed with slim housing (only 1U) the new preamplifier is the best choice for installed sound application.
Equipped with 6 XLR microphone inputs (switchable to LINE-operation), one SUBD paging microphone input (for the IC-audio paging microphone M-E 01) and phone jacks for Tuner/AUX/CD this device gives you many possibilities to setup your project.
Three different priority settings can be easily set by jumpers:
Serial mode: Channel 1 has the highest priority, channel 7 the lowest
Block before: The first activated channel gains the highest priority (channel 1-6)
Block behind: The last activated channel gains the highest priority (channel 1-6)
The preamplifier will be delivered with an external power supply and 19 inch mounting brackets.
Of course the PRE-AMP 08 can be supplied from a 24 V emergency power source.
To expand the number of channels from 8 to 16 you can connect two PRE-AMP 08 via the master/slave DIN-socket.
Finally the variety of options of this smart solution is completed by a control input for the built in chime, which can be used for schools, etc.
Technical Specifications:
Technical Specifications Pre AMP-08
Power -
Frequency Range 50Hz~20KHz+3dB
Inputs MIC (XLR, DIN): 1mV, 250W balanced,
Line (XLR): 200mV 47KW
CD: 500mV, 47KW Tuner: 200mV, 47KW
AUX: 200mV, 47KW;
Tel: 0.1~1V, 600W adjustable
Power in: 1V, 47K
Paging MIC IN: Suitable M-E 01
Outputs Master Out: 600W, 1V, balanced (XLR); 1V unbalanced (cinch)
Pre Out: 600W, 1V;
Tape Out: 350mV, 47KW.
Mains/Battery Voltage AC 115V/230V 50/60Hz
DC 24V (Max 10% deviation)
Dimensions 43 X 483 X 230mm
Weight 3.2 Kg.
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Pre AMP-08

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